Things that I'm interested in, interest me.

About me

I am a digital enthusiast from Switzerland who never stopped being interested. Computers, Smartphones, Software - all things that I really enjoy. Not just as a consumer, but also as a creator. In my free time I love to create my own programs or improve upon existing open-source projects. I love discussing the newest technology trends with friends and work colleagues. I love unwinding and playing a few video games. I love finding new interesting things.

My goal in life is to never stop being interested in interesting things. That's why I made it my bio all over the internet: Things that I'm interested in, interest me. Oh, and I also want to see Northern Lights once :)

I run a (mostly) software-themed blog over at

Work Experience

Apprenticeship as Retail Professional (Consumer Electronics)

3 years

08/2018 - Present

Consulting and selling of Computers, Printers, Smartphones, Carrier Subscriptions and various services around them.
Thanks to unique opportunities from my employer, I have additionally improved the overall productivity of my workplace by writing specific programs which automated common tasks and thus saved time and money.


Secondary school

Grade 7 - 9

2015 - 2018

Primary school

Grade 1 - 6

2009 - 2015


German (Mother Tongue)


English (B2, Cambridge First Certificate)


Filipino (Simple speaking and writing)


Contact Info


Marc Steiner


info (at sign)


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My projects


discord-rpc.dll implementation for Wine allowing your Wine games to interact with your native Discord instance.



 Open-Source under MIT License


A free, advanced CS:GO report and commendation bot built with performance and ease-of-use in mind



 Open-Source under MIT License


The next generation of kyo, a fully featured and modern osu! server switcher



 Open-Source under LGPL License


Game server implementation for osu!, a popular rhythm game for PC. The proprietary protocol was reverse engineered and all features of the official server were implemented.



 Closed Source

Participant in Advent of Code

Advent of Code is an annual Advent calendar of small programming puzzles.


 2017 in Python

 2018 in Java, Python

 2019 in Go, Rust


Calculating subsidized phone prices for two of the biggest mobile providers in Switzerland. This project is owned by my employer and is used actively at my workplace.